Ravishing Red Queen Cake

One of the most endearing antagonists ever is the Red Queen, in Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking Glass. The Red Queen is teh leader for the side opposing the protagonist, Alice.

Alice in Wonderland fans would be delighted to take a look at this really Red Queen cake, which looks very realistic. In fact, the cake looks just like the character of the Red Queen and the wistful look on her face tells a story that you may not want to hear. Her wand looks very glamorous and this could be a great way to break the ice, if you have a book reading session that involves discussing Lewis Caroll.

Karen Portaleo at Highland Bakery has uploaded this striking picture of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Her icing figure is built on a 10″ round cake base that looks really delicious. It gives me a sad feeling to imagine the Red Queen being sliced with a knife and being eaten by people. The black dress that she wears in this sculpture has beautiful golden hearts that watch the golden wand and embroidery. The red hair and the red sleeves match the red portion of the dress. The wistful look too is typical of the antagonist character that she plays in the novel and movie.

This cake would please any Alice in Wonderland fan and could win several prizes if there were a cake contest. If you like other antagonists that can be eaten up, try getting a Darth Vader Cake or bake it yourself at home. The Octopus Cake looks gross, but is definitely very tasty to consume. If you find all this a little silly, the Metallic Steampunk Cake will surely not disappoint you.  It is difficult to understand what the connection is between superheroes, geeky characters and cakes but one can find a number of sweet delicacies such as this one all the time.