DIY Star Wars AT-AT Cable Organizer and Card Case

If you were looking for a geeky card organizer, you might want to take a look at the DIY Star Wars AT-AT Cable Organizer/Card Case which allows you to organize your computer cables and manage your business cards as well.

One of the most important things to do if you want to be efficient is to organize your contacts, both digital and analog. While digital contacts can be easily organized thanks to a number of apps available, analog business cards can seem annoyingly outdated.

The DIY AT-AT helps in storing business cards and also manages all the ugly cables that hang around your workstation. The DIY case is made from high grade wood and is flat-packed. After unboxing, you would have to use all the nuts and screws which are provided in order to customize your cable and card organizer. Moreover, you could also choose to paint your DIY Star Wars AT-AT Cable Organizer/Card Case in any color that may please you. You could purchase this wonderful analog organizer from GeekCook.

Keeping your work area organized is central to the idea of being efficient. Hanging cables, cards that are strewn all across the desk and tiny receipts can add to all the clutter in your mind as well. Once your work area is organized you would not only be able to work in a clean environment, but also feel more organized psychologically. An attractive work area also helps in impressing visitors, who could be valuable clients. If those clients happen to be geeks as well, you can be darn sure that the deal is sealed with this DIY Star Wars AT-AT Cable Organizer/Card Case. If you are already well organized, you could take a look at the Lego Star Wars AT-AT and also learn how to make a Star Wars AT-AT Snow Sculpture.