Exploding High Five Glove Takes Celebration to the Next Level

There are certain things in this world that I have always thought were perfect in their original form. The high five is one of those gestures that didn’t really need to be improved … until now. A rather inventive Youtube contributer has created her (yes, her) very own variation on the high five by throwing in a very important addition: Explosion sounds!

The exact name of the device is still the “Full exploding high-five glove,” but it sounds like the creator is open to new suggestions. The glove’s function is incredibly straightforward, too. All you need to do is throw the glove on, find the nearest friend, and your next high five will produce a rather impressive explosion sound! I am not entirely sure why she decided to make such an awesome piece of technology, but if she doesn’t need a reason, than neither do you. The glove was constructed from a Sandisk SD card, an actual glove, and a “Waveshield,” at least I think. I had a hard time hearing what site and device she was referring to, but maybe you will have a better time than I did. There is also a force sensor on the palm that triggers the explosion sound. Boom baby!

This isn’t the first time that gloves have been featured here on Walyou for going above the more pragmatic use of keeping your hands warm during these long Winter months. You could, for example, play a classic game with these rock paper scissors gloves. If you aren’t feeling well, you can find out what ails you with this medical glove diagnosis. Welcome to the future.