This Yoda Bathrobe is Sure to Please Any Star Wars Fan

Since the first Star Wars film’s release on May 25, 1977, there’s been absolutely no shortage of related memorabilia. One character seems to be dominating that department though. He’s the little green Jedi Master you’re undoubtedly familiar with. Yes, it’s Yoda.

Here at Walyou we’ve seen everything from great Yoda plush dolls to amazing Yoda cakes. But, maybe you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate Yoda into your bathing/lounging regimen. Sure you’ve probably got a nice pair of Yoda boxers or even a Yoda toothbrush. But about a Yoda bathrobe?

Yoda Robe

This Yoda bathrobe is sure to please even the mildest Star Wars fan. This robe truly captures the very essence of Yoda. It’s sports a fantastic green hood that even features two large fake ears that have become synonymous with Jedi himself. On the left side of the robe you’ll even find an embroidered logo. The robe is made out of a soft velour material that will insure you get your geek on comfortably.  This unique robe is made in a one size fits all style. The arms measure at approximately 53cm x 29cm while the width is approximately 65cm. The sleeves can easily be rolled up for the smaller Star Wars fans.

With all bathrobes, pricing is always an issue. Many robes use expensive material that drives up costs. Add in a specific theme, such as Star Wars, and you could be looking at a piece of clothing more pricey than you’re willing to pay. While this Yoda bathrobe isn’t the most expensive robe we’ve seen, we can’t exactly call it cheap. This piece of Star Wars memorabilia will cost you around £49.95 which is around 79.26 USD. Sometimes being a fan isn’t cheap.

Yoda is one of the most iconic movie figures ever. He made his first appearance in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back where he trained Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. He also appeared in the sixth Star Wars film as well as the three prequel films and the animated Clone Wars series. For many, nothing says Star Wars like the small green Jedi Master Yoda.