Understanding Facebook Through Infographics

It seems like nearly the entire web is using Facebook. However it’s also a great resource for understanding how we interact as people. Here’s three infographics that show what we’re really doing on Facebook.

The Facebook Profile Photo

The Facebook profile photo has become a main stay of popular culture. We now take photos just to show to our Facebook friends whether it’s catching that goofy moment or just to show off our new looks.

Pixable wanted to put Facebook photos in to perspective and revealed how men and women differ when they post a photo online. Out of the almost billion photos on Facebook, 10% are profile shots alone but women are more active than their male counterparts in uploading them: females average a new profile shot every 2 weeks while males do so every 3 weeks.

Are We Obsessed With Facebook?

Are we just too obsessed with Facebook? While I’my guilty of answering yes to this question, it’s hard not to. Facebook notifications and references are everywhere.

According to onlineschools.org, a lot of us are extremely immersed in the Facebook experience.

Does Facebook Hurt Relationships?

“It’s not official until it’s on Facebook” was coined after friends would joke that a relationship wasn’t official until it was listed on their profile.

While Facebook promotes revealing your relationship status — single or not — it could have a negative effect on you and your relationship. Online Dating University found that the amount of time you spend on Facebook could have a positive effect or negative effect. The more time we spend could lead to paranoia and second guessing our partner while the less time spent may be healthier as we want to spend more time with our partner.