Facebook Porsche 911: Designs 1 Million Facebook Fans’ Names

Hand it to Porsche to profess their gratitude to its fans in a remarkable, original and social way … on a new Porsche 911. In order to thank their Facebook fans for sharing their passion, they designed a new Porsche 911 with 1 million fans’ names on it.

facebook porsche design 1

facebook porsche design 2

Porsche is very excited about reaching such a milestone and are proud that there are so many worldwide Facebook users that love their cars. They have thanked the first 1 Million fans with the new design and also created a Thank You page for extra fun.

facebook porsche design 3

facebook porsche design

porsche facebook design 1

porsche facebook design 2

You can watch a timelapse video of the creation of the new Facebook Porsche below and also take a look at other fun Porsche posts we previously mentioned: the Batmobile Porsche, the Mini Porsche or the Porsche Golf Cart.

porsche facebook design 3

porsche facebook design

Via: FastCo