10 Fun Family Costume Designs for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and for enthusiasts, it is never too early to start thinking about costumes, especially if you are in the habit of having your family coordinate with one another!I love Halloween. It is that time where I can dress up however I want and no one cares. I can be whoever I want to be – from an astronaut to a prizefighting boxer, from a pinup girl to someone who came out of the 1960’s. That is what is so great about this holiday – failed dreams, unrealistic expectations…these things do not matter. One of the things I love most on Halloween are the families that coordinate their outfits. Rather than having a mishmosh of costumes and themes, parents opt to dress themselves and their kids up in a fun theme. Do the kids always like it, when they get older probably not. But when they are still too young to really protest, it is always a great time to make them match. Then other parents can walk by and feel less-than because their costumes are an amalgamation of different themes and characters. Okay, maybe not the greatest point to make, but let’s be honest, you ALWAYS notice the tricked-out families wearing thematic costumes. Below, I present the top ten family Halloween costumes that are popular, fun, and I expect to see on the streets this Halloween! (If not, I am taking your candy. Seriously, I am. At my age, it isn’t socially acceptable to be trick-or-treating and rather than “rent a child” for a night, I’d rather just take yours. But you can keep the apples and toothbrushes, I don’t want any of that!)


Zombie Costumes


The family that eats brains together stays together. While possibly not the most young child-friendly costume, nothing is probably scarier than seeing a baby zombie sucking on a pacifier made of intestines. Just saying…


Toy Story Costumes


How can you not go with this classic for Halloween! Although, if you have two boys, they may fight over who gets to be Woody and who gets to be Buzz Lightyear. But tell them to stop fighting or they will both end up as Mr. Potato-Head!


Steam Punk Costumes

Popular at numerous Cons, steam punk costumes are making their way to the Halloween circuit. It is a great way to get the family involved as kids can create their own little steam punk items, including blaster rays and goggles.


 Star Wars Costumes

A classic that will never go away, Star Wars is often a popular choice. I mean, look at Baby Darth Vader…it is cute and scary at the same time. Just remember to tell the older kid not to use his light saber for evil (IE: hitting kids with it to get their candy).


Sesame Street Costumes

Recent presidential election debate aside, the characters of Sesame Street really are not going anywhere. They do not age and they do not die. I remember watching it when I was young and I am sure my kids will enjoy counting with the count as well.


 Scooby Doo Costumes

Scooby Scooby Doo, where are you, we’ve got some work to do now! Scooby Doo themed costumes are always a good idea, because they are always on the hunt for ghouls and monsters that turn out to be regular people…just like Halloween! But if your kids ask what “Scoobie Snacks” really are, make something up…fast.


 Pirate Costumes

What kid (or parent for that matter) doesn’t want to dress up like a plundering pirate?! You get to walk around saying “Shiver Me Timbers” and “Arg Matey.” I do that on a regular basis. If I wore a costume, maybe I’d stop looking so weird. You know what they say, the family that pillages and loots together, stays together!


 Mario Brothers Costumes

You really can’t go wrong with Mario Bros. You can dress your wee little one up as a mushroom and any dog would make an excellent looking Goomba. With so many characters to choose from, it is a great costume idea.


Angry Birds Costumes

I LOVE Angry Birds. I don’t think this can be stated enough. I’ve lost hours of my life playing the Angry Birds games, hours I can never get back. And I know some of you out there have as well. I love these costumes! I don’t have a family myself, but I am tempted to buy them and store them away for the day when I do.


Addams Family Costumes

The most iconic scary family is a great, timeless idea for any family. It is easy to dress a baby up as Uncle Fester because the baby is bald anyway. And if you have two fighting children, dressing them up as Wednesday and Pugsley and give them fake knives and whatnot.