Moon Shaped Ice Cream Cakes

Talk about being creative! When it comes to ice-cream usually the coolest things we see are special and unique flavors, but these Moon ice creams cakes are simply out of this world.

Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien created these moon shaped ice cream cakes for Häagen-Dazs. There were originally hired to create the cakes for the Christmas 2012 sales season. Each Moon contains a different kind of flavor and some other goodies between each layer of ice cream.

The idea behind choosing the Moon themed as their inspired design came from a simple thought of imagining the shape and texture of an ice cream scoop being like the moon.They also drawn some inspiration from a stop frame movie Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès. For more awesome food related articles check out Yummy Angry Birds Green Pig MacaroonsBatman Cake: The Dark Knight Oversizes and the How To Make A Gigantic Kit Kat.

Via geekologie