Fan film #TRUTHINJOURNALISM is the Venom story we deserve

Web-slinging fans rejoice, director Joe Lynch’s short film about Parker’s nemesis Eddie Brock gives us what the silver screen missed about our favorite villain.


It’s no doubt that despite the box office success of the spiderman movies has plenty to do with Toby Maguire’s portrayal of the comic-book favorite hero. While the quality of his acting, or the accurate representation is wildly up for debate by fans everywhere, there is a unanimous truth that’s been floating on the web: Venom’s appearance was lackluster. A lot of moviegoers and long-time followers of the series felt cheated, as his feature felt tacked-on and nothing more than a plot device.

Well, the day has come for these fans to get a vision of Eddie Brock that we deserve – the eccentric, symbiote possessed ex-Bugle journalist takes a small french film crew on a tour of the city, exposing the violent crime in order to get ahead in his career. Now I won’t spoil the rest for you, but I do heartily recommend you watch the under-20 minute short film right here (remember to stay after the credits for a little extra bonus !) :

#TRUTHINJOURNALISM seems to represent more of what fans want, and while you may criticize it for some fairly tacky special effects, and perhaps a bit of odd acting from the “filming” crew, the mild grit added with the touch of real-life do everything right to make this short film more than just a fan’s plea to give Venom more screen time. It’s an example, of how fans can still have amazing ideas, and put them out there, and how film makers should pay a bit more attention to what the fans want to see, not what their shareholders believe. Either way, this is a short film that should be seen by anyone who loves the Spiderman comics, or even those who were exposed to it by the movies.

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