Fan Made Pokémon Hoodies Capture Your Heart

These are probably the best Pokémon hoodies ever made; the best that ever was!

pokemon bulbasaur hoodie by shori ameshiko

Whoa there friends, don’t go throwing your Pokéballs just yet! These aren’t actual Pokémon out in the wild you’re looking at, but rather the precious creations of talented seamstress Choly Knight, or a.k.a ShoriAmeshiko on deviantART.

Choly has turned Pikachu and company into a line of Pokémon hoodies, a few of which you might have already seen posted on the net. They totally deserve the credit too; not only are they cute to the max, but impeccably crafted to look like their Pokémon twins.

pokemon hoodie by shori ameshiko

I really love how they have tails, ears, claws, and all that adorable Pokémon jazz going on. And not to be outdone, Choly’s recent batch of hoodies, based on Squirtle and Bulbasaur, each come paired with backpacks disguised as their shell/bulb.

One clever draw to the Bulbasaur hoodie is how Choly designed the backpack portion to open up, which lifts up like the leaf to an actual bud. Pretty neat, and if it weren’t for the threat of being sued by the makers of Pokémon for copyright infringement, a hot-off-the-shelves seller.

pokemon squirtle hoodie by shori ameshiko

That’s not to say that Choly makes these Pokémon hoodies for “the Benjamin’s,” to use a parlance of our times. Clearly it’s out of love, just like her other artistic trappings you can find on her deviantART and Etsy page. Which, I hope you check out.

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