Grab You Gabardines and Check Out This Steampunk Trike

Just about anything with a surplus of brass and goggles will catch my attention. So imagine my surprise when through Steampunker I was introduced to this trike.

When I think of steam punk, my mind strays to my first exposure ever: Wild Wild West. Hardly a fair introduction to all things steam punk, it was still my gateway drug in want of opiates. I’ve since been enamoured with the culture and this trike is just one more example of why that love remains kindled.


I’ll admit that my Russian isn’t the greatest and Google doesn’t do the language justice. But according to Steampunker, this gem of modern industry can propel its rider 30 km (18.6 miles) on a single charge. It’s ideal for an urban trendsetter. Certainly not designed for the long distance adventurer.


Average speed, she clocks in at about 20 km (12.4 miles). You won’t win any street races, but speed is for the unruly youth. As long as you’re on time for tea or theatre, who’s to care if you dodder along? Especially in a contraption such as this one.

The level of detail that the creators put into this trike leaves me awestruck. For those of you interested in the particulars, the article goes into breathless details related to the trike’s construction. I especially enjoy the re-purposed antiques like the seat made from a wooden travel chest; the carefully constructed switchboards and gauges; the engine casing with the hand crank; the leather working—Ye Gods! The metal working! I’m just in awe.

Observe some of the main features:

Barrel-cased engine

Wire-protected headlamps

Antique horn with bell

Pimp leather satchel

Emergency bullets

Skeletal hand kickstand

Bronze spider crest

Hat with goggles

Riding bracer

Hidden seat treasure

And stirrups

I have to say: If this were a bike of my own, I’d have a pocket installed to stash a metal canister of earl grey—my current vice. All in all, this trike is a fine piece of craftsmanship. Truly a gem on the roads of industrialisation!

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