Recycled Fish Sculpture Takes Over Rio de Janeiro Beach

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it is a giant fish sculpture made out of thousands of plastic bottles on the beach of Rio de Janeiro to celebrate a conference on sustainable development.

Something is fishy on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I am not talking about the men in Speedos who probably, for one reason or another, should not be wearing Speedos. Right now, the beach is home to a giant fish sculpture to celebrate the city being the host of this year’s United Nation’s Conference on Sustainable Development, known as Rio+20.

These fish, which look as though they are jumping out of the sand, were made using thousands of recycled plastic bottles. At night, the botteled are illuminated, giving off a beautiful blue glow, like the shine on the scales of an actual fish.

The goal of the sculpture is not only for aesthetics and fun picture taking opportunities, but also to symbolize the the threat that over-consumption has on the ecosystem, especially in regards to marine life. The sculpture is to make people more aware about recycling and the importance of recycling on marine life.

(Via: Feel Desain and Inhabitat)

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