Flame Treated EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet

Wallets are quintessential everyday carry objects, since it’s quite rare for a man not to have one on himself. But would you rather own a boring one made out of leather (or worse, PU), or would you like to be seen sporting an EOS Titanium 2.0 wallet that’s incredibly hard to damage?

If you pointed out to the screen in the direction of the second option, Elite Outfitting Solutions Inc. and Walyou Deals have got you covered. For the next five days, you can find the EOS Titanium 2.0 wallet at a discounted price, and given the looks and the sturdiness of this product, you probably shouldn’t overlook this deal.

Considering the name of this wallet, you’ve probably guessed by now what it’s made of. Since it’s not that easy to give a shape to this material, the manufacturer relied on CNC machine to turn a chunk of titanium into the eye-catching product you see in these images. As for the dimensions, the EOS Titanium 2.0 measures 3.6″L x 2.5″W x 0.5″H, so it’s actually more compact than a regular wallet.

This best-selling item combines the simplicity of a dual-plate wallet with the functionality of a money clip, so it will successfully satisfy the needs of people with different tastes. The manufacturer included a Fulcrum titanium money clip that’s incredibly tight.

If you travel a lot by car or bus, this wallet could definitely complement your style, but if it’s planes you prefer, you might be better off with an RFID-blocking wallet such as these five that are also available in our store, Walyou Deals. It all boils down to what you need and what style you prefer.

In terms of capacity, the EOS Titanium 2.0 wallet is quite versatile, being able to accommodate 25 cards, or 20 cards and 20 bills, or 60 bills. Regardless of the combination you’re going for, you’re always going to have quick access to the wallet’s contents. More than that, the contents are kept secure at all times, so you don’t have to worry about bills or cards falling out.

To make sure that the product screams functionality, the manufacturer included a thumb slot/bottle opener. That should give you yet another reason to carry around the Titanium 2.0 wallet at all times. However, if you intend to use this gadget as a bottle opener, make sure you don’t flash it around in a bar, as others might consider it too tempting not to own.

The flame treated EOS Titanium 2.0 wallet is available in two finishes (Raw Stonewash and Flame Treated), and sells for $74.99, which is 28% off the original price of $105. Orders are shipped for free to continental US addresses, with deliveries expected to take place between March 17 and 20. Make sure you select the proper model from the drop-down list, as all sales are final. If you’re in the market for a good looking, yet durable wallet, then you should take advantage of this offer before it expires!

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