Ridiculous Concept? Flexible Idea? Presenting the Flexiphone

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had cellphones that charged in 30 seconds? British designer Philip Pearce came up with a concept that is ridiculously over the top and would be nice to have if it were possible.

This is the Flexiphone. The design is pretty interesting looking, and is definitely impossible to imagine happening any time soon, but the reason for the idea is a pretty common problem for most of us. Pearce’s idea is to have a phone that would “theoretically use an organic battery created by NEC that allows high-speed charging.” Having something like that would come in hand in a lot of situations, and would be one step forward in the right direction.

The phone concept is also supposed to include a speaker and keyboard attachment to make it easier to use, and while the design itself is interesting, it might confuse people because of the way it looks.

The neat thing about this is the fun that you can have playing with it. Aside from the battery, which itself is pretty neat, the Flexiphone has an indestructible graphene touch screen, and yes, it does actually flex, as the name suggests. It is also waterproof, so you can take this and use it as an underwater camera, though I would actually recommend against it.

Once again, I doubt that we will see this thing come out for a least the next few years for the simple reason that battery technology and industrial materials haven’t been developed quite to the level that Pearce is anticipating this for. In terms of software, there isn’t much evidence as to what the phone might run using. It features the iconic logos for Google, Microsoft and Apple, so it isn’t clear which platform, though it is possible that it will work on all three. In any case, it’s a concept worth checking out.

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Via: Dvice