Xenomorph Buoys Might Save Your Life

Ever since I saw the Jaws Trilogy I  have always been afraid of buoys. I know, my dear reader. Those movies were about a gigantic carnivorous and homicidal shark. How in the blue blazes could a buoy scare me even more than that? It’s easy to explain. I always felt that a buoy meant you’ve gone way too far out and that was the brink of safety. The chances of making it back promptly to a  sound security should anything awful happen are slim. Buoys symbolize space to me. In space no one can hear you scream.

Which brings up the main centerpiece of this article. Tom Torrey, an artist that has presented work in previous buoy auctions, has created a xenomorph one. For those who don’t know what a xenomorph is, it is the alien from the movie Alien.

Imagine being pulled into the sea by a riptide, frantically struggling to grab onto something, anything. Imagine blacking out in spots from the lack of oxygen as your arms reach out to the surface of the water. Now imagine, finally grabbing onto something sturdy and pulling up for air. When the blurriness from the entire ordeal ends, you finally come into realization that you are tightly hugging against a xenomorph latching onto an unhatched egg! I wouldn’t feel relieved! I would just imagine things getting worse this point on. I would even be comfortable enough to say that in this situation that I would properly fill the water with my own expelled wastes.

If you are one of those hardcore individuals who lack the feeling of fear and have a buoy collection (Do people have those?), this is the perfect buoy to attempt to win at Art Haven’s third annual buoy auction.

If you’re interested in more of Tom Torrey’s work, you can find his art on sale at Etsy. Looking for more crafts that might peak your intrigue? Right here on Walyou we’ve got Leaf Art and Mushroom BBQ Grills.