Floating hoverboard from Back to the Future arrives right on time

The world might not exactly look like Back to the Future claimed it would by this point in time… but we’re almost there. A critical part of it, that is the flying hoverboard, arrived before the movie was deemed a vile lie, so we’re now rejoicing. Because everything in it totally happened, ok?

Floating hoverboard

Because no one wants to live in a world where Back to the Future lied, there is a real, working floating hoverboard out there, based on the Mattel Replica. It uses magnets integrated in the board in order to suspend itself in the air and actually float.

This hoverboard can only stay suspended over its base and won’t actually float on asphalt or water, which might be a consistency problem for the movie, but we’ve never been to Hill Valley, so maybe the entire city was built as a hoverboarding paradise. See? That’s what happens when Biff is not the mayor. You can buy the product from its developers here, at €1,950.

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