Flow Announces Headsets that Treat Depression

Headsets that treat Depression

Flow Neuroscience has just announced headsets that treat depression, taking wearable tech to a new level. This medically approved headset makes use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to zap your brain tissue into feeling better. The headset costs £399 in the UK and is non-invasive. All you need to do is to wear it on your head just like you would wear a regular headset. This is a medically approved device in Europe and currently only available in the UK. 

How does Flow tDCS Headsets work?

tDCS uses minimal electric charges to reset the electrical potential of neurons. Depending on how your brain works, it will either make your neurons fire less or more. The headset stimulates the part of the brain that is involved in emotional regulation and decision making. As people will depression experience lower activity in this area of the brain, the device tries to enhance activity. In other words, the headset will make your brain activity in a way that will make you feel less sad and more active. 

The device is the result of Daniel Mansson, who is the CEO of Flow and also a clinical psychologist. He claims the device is safe and only recommended for use among those who have been diagnosed with depression. However, it is unclear what might happen if regular people start using this as a sort of happy pill. Many fear that people may start buying these headsets without addressing deeper issues that may be contributing to depressive symptoms. 

Why purchase headsets that treat depression?

  • All you need to do is to wear the device 30 minutes 18 times in a span of six weeks
  • You also get access to virtual therapy over an app, which helps you eat, sleep and exercise better
  • You can eliminate the side effects associated with anti-depressants
  • tDCS is a time-tested technology that is medically proven to work for mood disorders
  • It is non-invasive and you do not feel any discomfort while using it

Make sure you seek treatment before you purchase the Flow headsets

Clinical depression can be an isolating and potentially disabling condition that requires a combination of psychiatric and psychological treatments. The tDCS headsets by Flow Neuroscience is an adjunct to mainstream treatments and should be used only under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional. If you are experiencing low moods or thoughts of harming yourself, contact a psychologist or a therapist immediately.