Ford’s Lincoln Motor and Rivian to Work on an All Electric SUV


Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln Motor Company is working with Rivian to launch an all-electric vehicle. Lincoln and Rivian will work on a battery operated vehicle that’s part of Ford’s grand plan tho conquer the EV market. With that in mind, Ford had already invested $500 million in Rivian. It is now becoming clear why Ford chose to invest in Rivian. 

Lincoln is Ford’s premium brand that previously had unveiled two plug-in hybrid vehicles. The vehicles, named Aviator and Corsair Grand Touring, were announced at the LA Auto Show last November. These vehicles were hybrid, and were not completely electric in nature. Lincoln’s new battery operated electric vehicle will be based on Rivian’s flexible skateboard platform.The idea is to slowly move toward a situation where the company will solely focus on electric vehicles. 

Lincoln’s new vehicle will have several impressive features:

  • The vehicle will boast of zero emissions, making the air clean and pure
  • The offers effortless performance, giving urban dwellers the chance to own a premium electric vehicle that also runs quickly and smoothly
  • It offers intuitive technology, which enhances customer experience

What could the mystery electric vehicle be?

So far, Lincoln’s strategy has worked quite well. Its hybrid vehicles were received warmly. Its decision to work with Rivian is a smart one as it ill n ow have access to both technical know-how and manufacturing infrastructure. If we consider Rivian’s and Lincoln’s past strategies, the mystery vehicle is likely to be an SUV. The luxury EV may completely change the way people travel, and help in reducing carbon emissions. This may also prove to be Ford’s second coming. 

Could this be Ford’s last chance at market success?

Ford has recently suffered heavy losses due to a stagnation in car sales. Car sales across the world have fallen down due to increased awareness about carbon emissions, and a gradual fading away of the idea of cars being status symbols. By making electric vehicles fashionable and premium again, Ford has a smart play in its hands. As it is, it has already invested in Rivian, and Lincoln is its own premium brand. Any vehicle resulting from Lincoln and Rivian will directly help Ford to boost its bottomline figures and make its investors happy.