Meet FRIDA the Compact Robot Worker

As robots become more advanced, they’ll be used as workers in a wider variety of jobs. Most of the robotic workers we’re familiar with are little more than large arms, but FRIDA (Friendly Robot for Industrial Dual-Arm Assembly) could be the new face of robotic workers. Sure, Frida doesn’t have a face (or a head for that matter) and rather than being a large robotic arm, it’s a small body with two smaller, robotic arms. When attached to a work area, as shown in the video, the robot is more humanoid than one would expect. While lacking a head and lower body, the torso and arms are fairly similar to those of humans. This allows the Frida robots to work alongside human workers without being so clunky as to be in the way and also with a friendlier appearance.

Frida Robot Safety Stop

Frida Experienced Robot Worker

The arms have a remarkable range and precision which are also shown off in the video. The ‘robot’ dance that you’ve likely tried (and failed) to do could be pulled off by this robot as adroitly as you’d expect. Your arms, on the other hand, won’t be pulled off, as a safety mechanism causes the robot to stop moving if something such as a human limb gets in the way. Its compact size and similarity to a human also allows Frida to be easily incorporated into existing work environments without the need for drastic changes in the assembly process or workshop layout. The many joints also allow it to easily work within its designated area without bumping elbows (or whatever you might call Frida’s joints) with humans or fellow robots.

The robot revolution is coming, but rather than a bloody massacre it will be the ‘hiring’ of robots to replace menial labor done by humans. At this point, all we can really do is continue innovating to ensure that these assembly workers of the future are as efficient, cheap, and reliable as possible. For more incredible robot workers, don’t miss the Creepy Ham Slicing Robot or the Necktie Tying Robot.

Via: PopSci