Fridge Magnet Gadget Delivers Yummy Pizza

There is nothing worse than not wanting to get up from the couch and ordering a pizza from your cellphone. You burn absolutely no calories except for using your fingers to dial the number.

pizza gadget 1

Now to make matters worse, Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has come up with a unique way to help couch potatoes to remain lazier than ever. A magnetic device that is connected to the Internet device and is attached to the fridge can help people order pizzas automatically. All the need to do is reach the fridge, open the pizza-shaped device’s box flap, and then push the button.

pizza gadget 2


Within no time, a pizza boy will be at your doorstep to deliver your pizza. you do not have to choose between various toppings as the topping is already preset over the Internet. When you get tired of the topping, you can make the strenuous effort of trudging to the computer or worse, dragging your sick body to the computer and typing your choice of topping and setting up your pizza fridge magnet gadget.

It is a innovative idea, but I think it is going to make couch potatoes worse than they have ever been. Pizzas are unhealthy in the first place, unless it is made from whole wheat. Most fast food chains that dish out pizzas use a lot of trans-fat and process the toppings and the bread crusts that they almost turn carcinogenic.

pizza gadget 3

The fridge magnet gadget may be an easy way to order a pizza, but it is also a very easy way to increase your bad cholesterol, blood sugar levels and sodium content in your blood. The consequences are heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. It may also put you at risk for developing cancerous tumors. Instead of getting a device that lets you remain lazier, get off that couch and get yourself an exercise, and buy a non-sweetened cup of yoghurt with lots of nuts and fruits. That will keep you healthy and fit!

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