Scientists Discover a Way to Make 3D Objects Invisible

The archetypal invisible man has existed in popular culture from times immemorial. Now, scientists have almost brought that invisibility to our closets.

invisibility cloak 1

Using an ultra-thin material, scientists were able to hide objects from microwaves, which earlier could only be done with very bulky contraptions. The new cloak is just a few micrometers thick and can high 3D objects in their natural environment. You would not be able to see the object from any angle or position. Researchers of the project at the University of Texas called the material ‘metascreen’. At the moment, the objects can be hidden only from microwaves but I wouldn’t be surprised if they develop a way to hide ourselves from visible light spectrum.

It would be an amazing feat of technology if such a thing ever happens as that would ensure that we can snoop around a lot, when something is not right at home with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. However, I personally do not fancy invisible cloaks as they may break trust, increase crime and result in unwanted and undesirable consequences.

invisibility cloak 2


Of course, it shall have its useful applications and that is probably why this research is so interesting. The Daily Mail published an article that explains the physics behind this amazing discovery. If you are interested in learning more about this new project which could eventually help us all become invisible, I suggest you go ahead and read that bit.

If you are not ready to go invisible yourself, you can go ahead and take a look at the Invisible Skoda Car that we had featured earlier. There was also previous research about Turning 3D Objects Invisible. This technology may prove to be valuable for military and spy agencies, which constantly need to work towards rooting out nefarious activities. On the flipside, the very same technology may fall into bad guys’ hands.