Futuristic Transparent Tablet

As an avid fan of science fiction and futuristic movies, I have always dreamed of owning a transparent computer or tablet. It looks as though my dreams are finally coming true.

In 2002 Minority Report came out and absolutely blew my geeky mind. Since then I have desperately been wishing that someone would create a transparent tablet. It looks like Thomas Laenner is a genie, because he is granting my wish.

The Tablet is currently a conceptual futuristic design, but Laenner is working to make it a reality for consumers. The Tablet will connect to two side power bars that will activate the transparent touch screen, allowing users to not only trade out their power bars to suit their color preference, but also to own multiple sets for continuous use.

I only hope that Laenner can find a way to make the glass screen as shatter-proof as possible. There really isn’t anything as depressing as watching your favorite electronic device slip from your fingers and shatter on the ground.