Futuristic Vending Machine With Transparent Touch Screen

A Japanese company has designed a futuristic concept for a vending machine that has a transparent touch screen display.

high tech vending machine concept

The good old vending machines that we all simultaneously love and hate might be on the way out if these new concept machines from Japanese developer Sanden start hitting the market.

The next-generation machines will feature a transparent touch screen on the front glass, which customers will be able to use to select their beverage or other snack, rather than using those old buttons on the side like most machines currently have. The entire front of this concept is in fact a vertical, 65″ HD display screen able to display pictures, flash animation and text.

Check out the video below to see what it’s like using one of these machines.

According to our source, when no one is using the screen, a variety of interesting scenes and other animations play across it, such as an elephant stumbling along and making the rest of the screen shake.

When a customer stands near the machine, it will detect their approximate attributes using video analysis and try to match some advertising options with their estimated demographic. Luckily the analysis is completely anonymous, and not like those ones we saw in Minority Report that practically yelled your name at you.

All in all, not having to battle with broken buttons, or shaking the machine once it steals your change, will definitely be some welcome additions to how we grab quick bites at the office. I for one certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more high-tech devices like this edging into our daily lives.

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