Garage Holds Full Sized Flight Simulator

Most garages are filled with cars, tools that are collecting dust, and odds and ends that you do not want to throw away but do not necessarily want to keep inside the house. This man has a full size Boeing 737 flight simulator in his!

If you are like most people, computer flight simulator games are good enough to get the adrenaline going and really make you feel as though you are commanding a plane. But sometimes a computer is just not good enough. Take James Price, for example, who built a full sized flight simulator in his garage.

Since 2000, Price, an air traffic controller and private pilot, has been working on building an actual cockpit of a 1969 Boeing 737 in his garage. While most of us park our cars in our garages along with all our junk, Price parked a full sized cockpit in his. He was able to find a real cockpit and placed it in his garage. At the same time, he started writing his own simulation software.

And it isn’t like he just sits inside and plays with a game controller. Almost all the gadgets and gizmos inside work as well. I don’t know the names for all of them so I am just going to call them “thingamajigs.” These thingamajigs come from actual planes and do the exact function it is intended to do as though the plane was flying high in the sky. According to Price, “I like the technical aspect of it. Not only flying the simulator, but building the systems, programming the software, making it all work.”

Watch him go at it right here:

Anyone else have the song “Come Fly with Me” stuck in their head?


Here is another example of an interesting DIY Flight Simulator or how someone took the fuselage of an airplane (an actual one) and turned it into a hotel room.