9 Fun, Geek Filled Lights

How does the average geek fill his lighting needs in a room? With geeky lights, that is for sure! No geek-centric room is complete without a few one or many of these lights!

Let there be light! No room is complete without some kind of lighting element. And while most rooms come equipped with ceiling lights, it is the table or hanging wall lamp that really gives a room its personality. Searching for just the right lamp can be tricky! You need to find something that not only fits your style, but can also do its intended function in the best way possible – light up the room. For geeks everywhere, it is important to locate just the right lamp that shows off one’s geekiness and provides just the right light. In other words, it needs to be a lamp where form meets functionality!

Bit Play Bang Bang Lamp

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN1bviyMNNs]



For a fun, whimsical lamp that offers interactive fun, the BANG! Lamp allows users to turn lamps on and off with the “bang” of a gun. When off, this lamp “plays dead” and then comes back to life with a flick of a trigger. It gives the term “lights out” a whole new meaning!


Tetris Lamp

Soviet Russia may have introduced it, but it is in America where the game of Tetris has become firmly entrenched in everyday life, becoming one of the most popular computer games ever. The addicting falling block game is the best out there. For those looking for an interactive lamp that is retro and fun, this Tetris lamp allows you to connect the bricks in a number of ways, allowing you to make new lighting designs every time.


 Big Glowing Orbs of Light

“Whoa, check out his big glowing orbs of light,” said no one ever…until now. Unlike some of the other featured lights, these orbs can be used inside and outside. Light the night with these out in your lawn, or have them roll around your home.


The Christmas Story Lamp

The leg lamp is probably the most well recognized, most iconic movie props of all time and probably one of the best in geeky icons. Hailing from the movie “A Christmas Story,” it is one of the funniest subplots of the movie as it escalates into “The Battle of the Lamp.” Now you too can enjoy this lamp…and hopefully no one will break it!


 Iron Man Lamp

If you are a fan of Iron Man, than this lamp is not to be missed! This weird clock / bobble head looking lamp is perfect for any true movie geek’s desk. Not only that, but there is even a speaker output for an MP3 player as well!


Pac Man Lamp

Another iconic game, everyone knows Pac Man! These lamps can hang on your wall, allowing you to create the perfect Pac Man picture on your all.


Dog Pooping Lamp

If you are looking to be the antithesis of classy, this lamp will do just the trick. It is definitely the kind of lamp that will make an impression for anyone who sees it. If you are definitely looking to get some attention AND make people a little uncomfortable in the room where this is, then this is the lamp for you!


 Star Trek Lamp

This is not just ANY Star Trek Lamp, no; it is the Animated Musical Starship Enterprise Lamp. It not only plays the theme song to the iconic show (don’t tell me you aren’t humming it in your head now, I know you are!), but it also plays the most iconic quote of the whole franchise starting with the four words, “Space, the final frontier…” The little Enterprise ship spins around when a button is turned on (as well as the music), so you can watch the Enterprise as it makes shadows along the wall!



Who doesn’t love LEGOs?? Please, tell me because I will go over there and convert them into loving these tiny pieces of connecting blocks! This LEGO Lamp is perfect for those of us who love these blocks and want to have a bigger and better way of showing that love! One of the best parts is, just like actual LEGOs, you can choose how the lamp will look by stacking the LEGO blocks in whatever way you see fit!

So, how are you going to light your room?