TARDIS Mini Fridge Preserves Your Geeky Food

Despite not being bigger on the inside, the TARDIS mini fridge will still do a fantastic job at keeping your food or beverages at an adequate temperature.

So you claim to be a Whovian who collects everything related to the series, from bow ties and Dalek shaped keyrings, to sonic screwdrivers and companion action figures. And yet, you lack geeky means to keep your food fresh while traveling through space and time. Don’t panic! Yes, I know this is from a different book/film, but still, you need not panic, as the TARDIS mini fridge is here for you.

The Doctor does not seem to be hungry, unless he has gone through an incarnation. At least this is how things are in the new series. I clearly remember him asking young Amelia Pond to cook him something after the TARDIS materialized in her aunt’s yard. It was then when he realized that the new mouth has new rules. More particularly, he noticed that yogurt, bacon and even beans are awful, while fish fingers and custard are more than tasty. Of course, the TARDIS mini fridge will keep any type of food cold, so it’s up to you what you want to store in it. If the Doctor is not into eating, his companions and you certainly are.

If you would rather keep your beverages cold instead of the food, then you should learn that this mini fridge has enough room for a 6-pack. I mentioned in the first sentence that the TARDIS shaped gadget would keep your food or beverages at an adequate temperature. But you see, this does not necessarily mean that it will keep them cold. The mini fridge also features a heating function that will be appreciated by the ones who prefer their food warm.

As an officially licensed Doctor Who gadget, this had the resemble the real TARDIS as much as possible. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the TARDIS’ light starts flashing or if the all-too-familiar sound effects occur each time you open and close the door.

Given the dimensions of the TARDIS mini fridge (10.5″x7.5″x10.5″), I would say it makes the perfect companion, no matter where you go. It will run on AC current, but if you need to use it in your car, it also comes with a DC 12V car socket plug.

The Doctor Who TARDIS mini fridge is currently on sale at ThinkGeek for $79.99.

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