17 Sock Designs The True Geek Won’t Kick Aside

The socks have a very sad life. The only time they get people’s attention is when they stink. With the deepest sympathy, some warm-hearted geeks have decided to improve the socks’ quality of life by giving them a wonderful makeover. From our selfish point of view, 17 wonderful geeky designs below should make it totally worth for the socks to suffer from our foot odor all the time.

AshiDashi Notebook and Pencil Socks


Via: Vat 19

AshiDashi means “stick out your feet” in Japanese, and the AshiDashi Notebook and Pencil socks totally deserve their name. With one sock resembling a notebook and the other a pencil, Notebook and Pencil socks defy the conventional wisdom that two socks have to look exactly the same.

Follow Me Twitter Tattoo Stockings


Via: GadgetHer

An ultra chic, geek and sexy pair of Follow Me Twitter tattoo stockings is exactly what geek girls need to hit it off at a party and have a bunch of guys following them home.

Tardis Socks


Via: Witty Little Knitter

It must be a foot’s dream to be able to travel inside the magic Tardis time machine socks. The free pattern is available from the witty little knitter, a website dedicated to the knitting of the authentic Doctor Who scarf, so that any Doctor Who fan can make one pair for themselves and for their friends as well.

Spock Socks


Via: Geek Mom

Playfully called Spocks, the Spock socks feature the full face of the Enterprise captain on one sock and the famous Vulcan salute “Live long and prosper” on another.

Super Mario Warp Zone Sock


Via: Walyou

This is one pair of socks that all Super Mario Bros fans would die to have. The Super Mario warp zone socks will take you straight to the typical setting of the game to join our beloved Mario on his never ending mission to save the princess.

Space Invaders Socks 1


Via: My DD Network

Continuing with the video game theme, the Space Invaders socks are the product of a wild geek imagination. The socks are available at $3 each pair in white, brown, yellow, green and khaki for your preference.

Space Invaders Socks 2


Via: Craftster

This is another pair of Space Invaders socks to satisfy the geek fantasy that is invading your feet. You don’t have to be a Space Invaders hard core game r to appreciate the work.



Via: Eat Liver

It seems like things are not going very well for Firefox as the browser is facing vigorous competition from Chrome, Safari, etc. Thus, the company decided to jump into a new market: socks with a whole new line of product called Firesox. From the text in the photo, the socks were probably spotted somewhere in China. Man, the Chinese rock!

Circuit Board Socks


Via: Sock Wizard

If you feel like the thick glasses, checked sweater, messy hair style are not enough to define your geekiness, try the circuit board socks. Available at $8.99, it will definitely complete your “I wonder why I never get a date” look.

Periodic Table Socks


Via: This Next

Question: What would you do if you suddenly forget the periodic table in the middle of your exam? Answer: Take off your shoes. The periodic table socks are more than just a geeky creation, they are part of a sophisticated conspiracy to win over the suicidal chemistry exam.

Anatomically Correct Bone Socks


Via: Nerd Approved

As its name suggests, Anatomically Correct Bone socks feature the detailed anatomy of human shin and foot similar to a wearable X-ray. If lucky enough, you will probably freak out few unsuspected people in the gym.

Meat Sock


Via: Fashionably Geek

You’ve got the bone, now you’ve got to get some meat. Compared to the anatomical socks above, the meat socks are a significant improvement in term of colors and variety.

Ripper Skeleton Socks


Via: Fashionably Geek

Despite its freaky look, I bet the Ripper Skeleton is still less horrifying than the odor of your smell when you sit in front of the computer for days on end without getting change.

Basic Knead Reflexology Socks


Via: Amazon

If you aren’t lucky enough to get a therapist to work on your feet, you can still give your feet a treat after a long day. Featuring all sensitive spots of the feet, the Basic Knead Reflexology socks makes foot massage easier than ever.

Passport Socks


Via: Fashionably Geek

With a zippered pocket in each sock to store a passport, credit cards, cash or other valuables, the passport socks are a brilliant anti-thief invention. All you need to do is to wear your socks for more than a day, and the smell will keep all the potential thieves away.

Acorn Unisex Slipper Socks


Via: Amazon

Putting your feet in the socks and then putting the socks in the slippers are definitely a lot of work. Fortunately, we have Acorn Unisex Slipper socks to reduce the process by half. Its knitted wool upper and soft suede sole are perfect for lounging around indoors.

Apple Power Adapter Foot Cozy


Via: Engadget

Forget all the USB powered heating slippers. A more economical way to do warm up your tootsies during hours of sitting in front of the computer is to make use of your already heated up Apple adapter. The only problem is that we have to keep the little white brick ventilated in order to function properly, and Rachael Burns did it beautifully.