Cuddly Carbonite Han Solo Pillow

Jabba the Hutt might not have seemed so evil if he’d encased Han Solo in a bed of cushy crocheted pillows instead of carbonite.

We’ve featured a lot of cool pillows here on Walyou. Our most recent, the Harry Potter pillow, was originally my favorite to date, but I think this might top that. As a lifetime Star Wars fan and an avid crocheter, I squealed with glee at this creation from nerdy crafter Smapte.

Hand-crafted from grey yarn, this stylized depiction of everyone’s favorite intergalactic smuggler measures nine by sixteen inches. The white embroidered details capture Solo’s clothing and his grimacing face in a whimsical, cartoonish style. The body parts visible in the original carbonite effect, which protrude from the block, are recreated here by using areas of raised crochet on the head, torso, and the hands and feet.

Although it would be hard for me to pick a single Star Wars scene to model one of my creations after, this one is iconic and has spawned other nerdy carbonite goodies like carbonite soap and even this carbonite throw, which seems like it’d be a perfect match for this pillow.

Smapte doesn’t stop her nerd-crafting here, though. We’ve featured some of her projects before, including¬† Firefly, Star Trek, and Dr. Who. She’s also done figures from The Big Lebowski, which is, if not nerdy, certainly a cult classic. I have never been able to create my own patterns like this, but Smapte’s adorable creations have definitely inspired me to start trying.