Chuck Taylors in Geeky Avatars

Of all the pop culture icons people have seen and worn in the last century, the Converse Shoes or Chuck Taylors have been the most representative of youth culture.

Originally designed as basketball trainers, the Chucks have come a long way and have become the most popular sneakers in the world. Several celebrities and artists have pimped their Chucks to suit their own tastes and personalities. This time around, Jon Defreest, who is an acclaimed artist, has created 3 Chucks which are inspired by Breaking Bad, Dexter and Walking Dead. I am not sure which one is cooler, but a real Chucks fan would buy all the 3 of them.

Breaking Bad Chucks look pretty mean, and Walter Whites looks pretty enraged at something which I can’t understand. Dexter Chucks are cool too and would be a great way to make sure that you remain ahead of other Dexter fans in being a fanboy. What I really love are the Walking Dead Chucks, and the zombie on the side of the sneaker is so cool that I could give anything for a pair of those. Converse Shoes have not been immune to criticism and controversies in spite of their popularity. When Nike bought Converse Shoes, long time fans were worried that Chucks would turn into gaudy Nike Shoes.

People were also enraged thinking about the sweatshops of China in which Nike still manufactures the Chucks. Nonetheless, Nike has not changed the design or emblem and Converse shoes have maintained their original design and style until today. With these personalized Chucks, we can be quite sure that their popularity will last for many more decades to come. You could also go ahead and read about Adidas Star Wars Apparel, which includes sneakers as well. Maybe you would want to purchase at least a couple of pairs of Chucks for yourself this Christmas!