CityMaps Maps Out New York City Businesses

When the heart wants a mid-night snack, it wants a mid-night snack. Alas, pesky issues like time and availability doesn’t really help in satiate the cravings. CityMaps, which is currently in beta is a godsend for nocturnal creatures, since the service lists every place of business or interest in New York City. So be it a 7-Eleven, a Dunkin Donut or your favorite fast food chain, CityMaps will list it and show you where you need to go to partake on a late night epicurean adventure.

Those who are hopelessly hooked on late night junk food, especially after a hard night of partying don’t need to scrounge the neighborhood for 24/7 delis or raid the already empty fridge. As usual, technology comes to the rescue of the hungry and this time it is in the garb of CityMaps.

For now the location based service only covers New York, but will  cover other American cities as well.

The service  not only caters to the stomach , as one can view movie listing, buy tickets or book a table at their favorite restaurant. CityMaps also has an element of social networking (hey we live in an Era of Facebook) as businessmen can “claim” their businesses and offer real time updates like announcements and deals.

So next time you are in the mood to go shopping, bite into some yummy pizza or visit a spa, just check out CityMaps for your options.