ManageWP Controls All Blogs in One Place

WordPress is undoubtedly the king of content management systems and almost every blog today uses WordPress. If you own more than a few WordPress blogs, managing them can become a hassle and that is when ManageWP comes into picture.

This unique tool allows you to access all your dashboards from one location thanks to their one-click login technology. The tool allows you to install themes and plug-ins across your blogs quickly and easily.  This also means that you do not have to upgrade your plug-ins individually on every blog that you host. Most importantly, ManageWP automatically backs up your precious data and even restore a site if something should go awry. The tool also allows you to clone your existing blog into a sub-domain, a different domain or just another folder in a jiffy.

ManageWP allows you to set up a completely new WordPress blog in just minutes. This would indeed help site admins who need to carry out bulk operations across their entire website portfolio. Managing blogroll links, adding new users, post a single article on multiple sites or just about anything that required you to login to various WordPress blogs each time can now be managed by ManageWP. ManageWP is the brainchild of Vladimir Prelovac and his team.

The tool is really cool for webmasters and professional bloggers who need to handle a number of blogs all at the same time. ManageWP can be used for free if you intend to use it on just 3 blogs. However, if you have several blogs to handle, the company offers special packages which might suit your needs better. The business plan also offers SEO support.

If you are a serious blogger who wants to concentrate more on writing and less on managing your blogs, you might want to give ManageWP a try. Jekyll is a tool that allows you to host a blog on your own server and not go through the headache of handling databases. You could also read about WordPress supporting Open Authentication Protocol, about which we had written sometime back.