23 Geeky Lamp Designs

Living in the fast lane, one doesn’t realize the importance of family and friends until he or she retires to bed at the end of a hectic day. It is then one realizes that it would have been better to have someone to talk to and share his or her problems and feelings.

Life in urbanized cities has taken a toll to such an extent that it’s getting tougher day by day to trust people and let them enter our lives. People have started looking for options, ranging from pets to inanimate objects, to get rid of their loneliness at home.

When it comes to inanimate objects, there is one thing that people always have beside their beds or in their rooms – Lamps. No matter how lonely and dark it gets, your lamp will be there to rescue you from the darkness in your lives. People have started using lamps with designs of their favorite characters or special liking to give them company during those gloomy nights. Have a look at some of the most amazing lamp designs listed below and choose the right one for your bedside companion.

Blocco Lamp Design

Looks like a shadow? You can say so. Probably, one of the best creations recently, this Blocco Lamp Design makes use of white LED’s to radiate light from within its core. Now that’s what I call innovation!

Eneloop Lamp

Sanyo Lamp is yet another interesting concept that would catch your attention because of its soft glow. Not just that, you can also use it as a flash light. As a dedication to the victims of the 9/11 attack, Eneloop Lamp is scheduled to be released in September.


Do you know what electro-luminescent phosphor printing technology is? Well, don’t rack your brains hard. This is the technology used in GloWings, the new Butterfly Night Lamp, to emit soft light. I am of the opinion that during day this will also make a perfect decoration for the walls.

Moonlight Glowing Orbs Lamp

This Moonlight Glowing Orbs Lamp is best suited for outdoor events. Though expensive, it gives out soft light which is beautiful and enchanting.  These lamps would certainly be an apt choice for a romantic dinner to give you and your spouse an ‘out of this world’ feel.

Christmas Story Lamp

When you say Christmas Story, you definitely are reminded of Bob Clark’s classic. This Christmas Story Lamp with a sexy stand is one prized possession that all the fans of the movie would love to have in their living rooms!

Full Moon Sideboard Lamp

If you have been thinking on making optimum use of the living area of your home, don’t look beyond this Full Moon Sideboard Lamp. This lamp also doubles up as a closet. Throw your belongings inside and enjoy the full moon while relaxing on your couch.

Iron Man 2 Lamp

How exciting would it be to have an Iron Man 2 Lamp on your bedside? Though it is not available for sale, I am sure many of us would be thrilled to purchase it because of its speaker output for MP3 players and LED digital clock.

Star Wars Lamp

These Star Wars Lamps sure make an excellent treat for the fans of the sci-fi series. Whether you choose the cute Darth Vader or adorable Stormtrooper lamp design, it would be difficult for you to get out of the Star Wars mode.

Star Trek Lamp

Ever wondered what will it be like if you could extend the adventures from the Star Trek movies into your real life? Take a look at this Star Trek Lamp, which displays the rotating eight-inch Starship Enterprise into four different colors, and you will understand what I mean to say.

Atari Flashback Neon Lamp

Atari has always had an association with the classic video games. It would have been difficult for anyone to imagine green and blue Flashback Neon Lamp which is inspired from Atari. But not anymore – these USB-powered Atari lamps are now available in the designs of Joystick and Space Invaders Game.

Geeky Lego Lamp Gadget

This is perhaps another fun lamp design that lets the artist in you play its role. Going back to the Greek era or the world of pyramids, blocks of stones were used to build structures. Now, it’s your turn to do the same. Set a bunch of blocks the way you wish and illuminate your rooms with this Lego Lamp.

CMYK Lampshades

CMYK Lampshades is a set of concentric circles that you can form by following simple instructions. Choose the color combination that you like and illuminate your home in a new way. Surely, Soner Ozenc knows how to go inventive with products like lampshades!!

Spray Paint Can Lamp Design

Studying under the light of an ordinary lamp can get boring at times, but what if someone asked you to use Spray Light Lamp? Though its design might not appeal to you, it is sure to get a lot of attention for its eco-friendly quotient.

Eco Cube Lamp Design

The geeks will be the first in line to purchase this Eco Cube lamp design, though only once it is launched. But what sets this design apart from the conventional ones is its shape – Alter it the way you wish!!

Elephant Lamp

Wondering how to make your children’s room cute? One way is to make the walls colorful. And second would be adding this adorable Elephant Lamp to it. These lamps will make a perfect background while the children listen to the stories you have to tell them.


Now you can control an alien according to your moods with a touch and music. I am not saying literally. Beingz is a mood lamp designed to look like an alien. A mere touch or a tap changes the light visuals.

Pacman Wall Lamps

In my opinion, these Pacman Wall Lamps are one of the cutest lamp designs available to illuminate your rooms. Though these resemble ghosts, when clubbed with a pacman book shelf, will surely garner many accolades.

Lego LED Lamps

For all those who wish to get back to their childhood days, purchase these Lego LED Lamps and get started with forming your own Lego structure using the bricks. Yes, this is a DIY design similar to the rainbow star lamps, but offers a great way to have some fun while decorating your home.

Rainbow Star LED Lamps

Rainbow Star LED Lamps, a creation of LumenWorks, run on lithium batteries. If you wish to get away from the regular lamps, get a set of these in either solid or light colors and add the necessary rainbow to your homes.

Poplight Lamp Design

Life is colorful and so can be your rooms… This Poplight Lamp Design can be an ideal choice for those who wish to organize parties at home. Unlike the traditional ones, these lamps emanate colorful lights from blue, red, to green.

Matryoshka Doll Fedora Lamp

This is not just another Matryoshka Doll that you can gift children but a lamp design to brighten your home décor. The classy designer glass of this Matryoshka Doll Fedora Lamp is what would score most points on the rating scale.

Remote Control Colorful Lamps

Today, you can control your television sets, air conditioners, and games with a simple remote control. Add this geeky colorful lamp to the same list. Built using long-lasting high power LEDs, this lamp allows you to choose colors from a range of 256 and change it using a remote control to match it to your décor and mood.

Pli Lamp

This is a perfect example of a simple yet elegant lamp design. Conceptualized by Julien Bergignat, Pli is an impressive design that requires thermoformed plastic, bent wood, or a sheet of steel to add beauty to your rooms.