Creepy Night Skating Is Like Hovering On A UFO

If skateboards were used in the glowing world of TRON, that is the way they should look like. An amazing futuristic LED board proves that hoverboards may still be the real dream of a skater, because skating it may actually look like floating in the air. The best part is though that you can actually buy and skate one of these.

What is the reason for Back to the Future 2’s hoverboard reminiscence? Well, simply because when you light up the LEDs on the Clear29 LT longboard and use it during the night, it looks as if there were no wheels at all underneath the deck. Of course it can happen only when it’s dark, and skating at night may sound a bit of terrifying and dangerous but I bet it has hundreds of fans like any other extreme sport.

The Clear29 LED skateboard by Flexdex is made of polycarbonate which makes it light and durable and the deck itself measures 29″ x 8.5″.

The product’s site says it’s either cool to skate it at daylight, but I doubt if the fun is comparable. Perhaps the producer wanted to make night skating at least a bit more safe by using components of the highest quality. That means 9″ High Response Gullwing Mission Trucks and ABEC5 Racing Bearings. What is more, the polycarbonate deck has a good level of vibration absorption and is “very forgiving on curb drops and on less than smooth terrain.”

The LED lighting comes in five different versions: blue, red, green, amber and white and it is powered by a 9V battery which is easy to replace, though they don’t mention the running time or any method to recharge the battery. The futuristic Clear29LT Lightboard looks highly impressive and is a must for any geeky skater.

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Via: Gadgets and Gear