Google Announces Intention to Launch Pixel Watch

Google announces Pixel Watch
Image Courtesy: Getty, Google, Express

Google has just announced its wish to launch its own smart watch, which has been long rumored. At the yearly Made By Google event, in which Google showcases its hardware achievements, the company announced on the stage that the watch has been developed by the team which also designed the Pixel 4, PixelBook, and other gadgets. The Pixel Watch is likely to give Apple Watch a run for its money as more people tend to purchase Android devices than Apple ones. Initially Google had indicated that it was not very keen to develop the watch idea. However, it has again started to flirt with the possibility of launching the watch commercially.

Fitbit connection and Google’s wearable ambitions

We must also bear in mind that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, purchased Fitbit for a price of $2.1 billion. Fitbit is responsible for bringing immensely successful gadgets such as Fitbit Versa 3 and Charge 3. Fitbit’s team now reports to Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior VP of devices. As Google has been working on a number of wearable devices, Fitbit is the appropriate choice for developing the purported smartwatch as well. Though it is not clear if the smartwatch will be branded as a Google watch or under Fitbit’s branding, it is highly likely that Fitbit will have a major say in how the watch is going to evolve.

There are many rumors that the new Google watch will turn into a quasi-health care device. It might help people to track many of their biological functions which need to be monitored for various treatments. Though Google does not have the facility to track menstruation at the moment, Fitbit can. The new Google Watch may have the ability to track many such processes which will help people to get the treatment they need. Most importantly, the watch will probably help those who need to keep track of their fitness regimen.

When is the Pixel Watch coming to the market?

It is not clear when Google’s new watch will materialize officially. It is also not clear if it will ever launch commercially. Google has announced many hardware developments in the past without ever bringing them to the market. However, what makes us sort of confident in the fact that Google now owns Fitbit, and the only logical sequence is that it should lead to the commercial development of wearable gadgets such as Google Watch.