Google Buys mDialog, Makes DoubleClick’s Video Advertising Even Better

Google often buys other companies in order to improve its own products, and the acquisition of mDialog seems to fit that bill, as this company’s technology and employees will be used for making DoubleClick’s video advertising better.

On a post on Google+, DoubleClick announced that mDialog is now part of Google:

“We’re thrilled to welcome mDialog to Google.

Together, we’re committed to offering more ways for publishers to monetize live, linear and on-demand video content across all screens. While nothing’s changing for their customers immediately, over time we’ll work with the mDialog team to incorporate their technology and expertise into our DoubleClick product suite. This represents the latest of our ongoing investments in helping brands connect with high-quality video content, like Google Partner Select, our new marketplace for premium programmatic video.?”

Here is what mDialog had to say about Google buying them:

“We’re excited to announce that mDialog is joining the DoubleClick team at Google.

We will continue to offer our services, just as we always have, to programmers and distributors — meaning there are no immediate changes for our existing customers.

Longer term, we’re also very excited about combining mDialog with the DoubleClick platform for publishers. Together, we’re looking forward to offering content creators new and even better ways to make money from their live and on-demand content.

A special thanks to all our customers for helping mDialog along the way. We look forward to working with our Google colleagues to continue providing you with a great advertising experience.”

There has been no word on how much Google paid to acquire mDialog, nor what other plans the search giant has for the video advertising company it has just bought. Still, publishers using DoubleClick might soon discover that the way they monetize video content has somehow improved. The great thing about mDialog, and definitely one of the things that made Google consider acquiring it is the great number of platforms on which mDialog can integrate video ad tech. Among the most important devices, some worth mentioning are iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox.

Google has been making so many acquisitions lately that it’s pretty clear that the company’s not heading in a single direction. That’s great news for us, the ones who are using its services.

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