Google’s Acquisition of Green Throttle Games Hints at Nexus TV

The search giant might be working on a way of bringing mobile games to the big screen, as it confirmed signing a deal with Green Throttle Games, a company with experience in this area.

Rumors regarding Google’s Android console started last summer, and intensified yesterday, when revealed that Green Throttle Games is now part of Google.

The Green Throttle Atlas controller (pictured above) creates a virtual console on Android smartphones and tablets when connected via Bluetooth to the app developed by Green Throttle Games. Since this company had a great start in developing both the software and a bit of the hardware required for writing a new chapter in Android gaming, Google figured that it would be easier to buy it instead of working on the same things of their own.

In the case of most mergers and acquisitions, the employees of the smaller company join the greater one, but this doesn’t seem to be the norm here. Charles Huang, co-founder of Guitar Hero creator RedOctane, pointed out that he will retain the rights to the Green Throttle Games brand, and that he will not join Google when the deal goes through.

Nexus TV, the set-top box that Google is rumored to be working on, will focus on gaming, considering this acquisition. Furthermore, Nexus TV seems to be a replacement for Google TV, a product that the search giant launch in 2010. Unlike most devices launched by Google, that set-top box proved to be terribly unsuccessful, as it caused its manufacturer, Logitech, to lose millions of dollars.

Probably one of the best things about a Nexus TV is that the device would run Android and that developers would be able to change it according to their needs and taste. Besides that, the product would represent a direct competitor to Apple TV. If anything, Apple TV represents one of the few occasions in which the Cupertino-based company made something ahead of the search giant.

Google decided not to disclose any of the details surrounding this deal, so we don’t know for sure how much they paid for Green Throttle Gaming, nor what exactly they will be working on. While that is typical for Google, there is a great chance that the Nexus TV rumors are true.

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