Google Recorder Transcribes Speeches to Text Efficiently

Google Recorder has a great UI

Requiring interpreters and translators at meetings and conferences can soon be a thing of the past thanks to Google Recorder. Google launched Recorder, a voice recorder app yesterday that has already garnered rave reviews. Currently, Recorder is available only for Android devices. The application uses AI, speech recognition and real-time speech processing to transcribe recordings in real-time. Surprisingly, the application works even when there is no internet connection. Currently, it is only available for Android devices but may soon be available for iOS devices as well. 

Who needs this application?

Google Recorder efficiently recognizes words

If you are a college student or someone who often attends meetings, you can simply use your cellphone to transcribe what is being spoken in real time. Most importantly, if you are not allowed to use your cellphone during these events, you can use the application in airplane mode as well. The application will prove to be useful to corporate employees and students. Professionals such as doctors’ assistants, journalists, and PR professionals will find it helpful too. Sabrina Ellis, VP of Google’s Product Management, added that the application could be used for anything that you might want to save. 

How does Google Recorder work?

Google recorder demo

During an event, Google unveiled the Recorder app and demonstrated how it works. The error-free transcription impressed most of the attendees. It must be noted that the application was demonstrated while the device was hooked up directly to an audio source. If the application must transcribe speeches in noisier environments or when it is used as a tabletop, it may not work perfectly. Some of the cooler features of the application include the following:

  • You can use the app to search sounds, phrases and words
  • One can go to specific parts of a recording by entering keywords in the search bar
  • The application is currently available in English but Google plans to launch other language services too
  • The application does not require an active internet connection
  • Artificial technology ensures smooth transcription and speech-to-text capabilities.

One may have to wait for improvements

Certainly, Google Recorder is a great app that will be of immense use to a wide range of professionals and students. One can easily transcribe what is being spoken without having to take notes. In addition, the application works in airplane mode. This means one does not have to worry too much about restrictions placed on cellphone use. Unfortunately, the application is currently available only on Android devices. It is not clear when iOS device users will be able to use it. In addition, the applications need improvements and the coming months may see associated updates.