Sleeveballoon Promises to Treat Diabetes and Obesity

Researchers have discovered a new device that could be surgically inserted into the bodies of people who suffer from both diabetes and obesity. This new device produces excellent results in reducing body weight, eliminating fatty liver and control blood sugar levels. In short, Sleeveballoon seems to be the perfect device to treat obesity and diabetes at the same time. The results of the device’s effects were published in the EBioMedicine journal. The study involved comparing the effects of traditional bariatric surgery with Sleeveballoon on 30 rodents who were fed with a high-fat diet. 

Diabetes causes immense distress to patients and caregivers

Type II diabetes is one of the most stubborn medical conditions that result in enormous distress and medical expenses. Obesity is closely linked with acquiring diabetes, and doctors often advise their patients to lose their weight using various methods. For people who are unable to lose weight easily, bariatric surgery is an option. However, the surgery is complicated and can be quite invasive. Sleeveballoon mimics the effects of bariatric surgery but requires only a minimally invasive procedure. 

How does Sleeveballoon work?

  • Sleeveballoon is a sleeve which is connected to a balloon that covers the small intestine.
  • The balloon covers the initial parts of the small intestine and results in reduced appetite 
  • The patient is given general anesthesia while the balloon is inserted into the body.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure that is not as risky as traditional bariatric surgery is. 
  • Sleeveballoon helps control hunger and appetite, resulting in a sense of fullness. 

The study’s results were made public by Geltrude Mingrone, who is a professor at the King’s College, London. Professor Mingrone revealed that very few people are offered bariatric surgery as an option, and even those who are offered the option reject it because of the risks and invasiveness of the procedure. Diet alone cannot control obesity or blood sugar levels in some people. These patients, according to the professor, can benefit from Sleeveballoon and look forward to a healthy and diabetes-free life. 

Is Sleeveballoon available now?

At the moment, the device is not available in the market. Researchers are working on bringing the device to the medical market so that a doctor near you can help you tackle both obesity and diabetes. If you are currently experiencing health issues, do not forget to seek the advice of your regular physician and follow the doctor’s advice. After all, a number of treatments are researched upon and until clinical research takes place successfully on humans, one needs to continue with the existing treatments.