Google Represses Microsoft for Its Scroogled Campaign

The Redmond giant has been very creative lately when talking about one of its arch-enemies. The Scroogle campaign, which does not resume only to slogans and merchandise, is meant to discredit Google, but no one has ever won fairly simply by throwing dirt at its adversary.

What Microsoft claims is that Google has turned away from its motto (“Don’t be evil”) on May 31, 2012, when the latter announced that a new initiative implying the replacement of search results in Google Shopping with paid ads. Mind you, that’s only one of the things Microsoft is accusing Google of. The merchandise that Microsoft has put up for sale even suggests (and that not very subtly) that Google has been selling our data. One of the most popular products is a mug on which the WWII British slogan “Keep calm and carry on” has been replaced with “Keep calm while we steal your data.” I have a small piece of advice for the ones concerned about Facebook or Google stealing their data: they shouldn’t post it online in the first place.

I have to admit, the play at words that makes up the campaign’s title is both very creative and nasty. First of all, Scroogled makes one think of scrooge, a miserly person. Secondly, there is Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the stereotype of the person no one would ever want to be confronted with. Not at last, the campaign’s slogan, “Don’t get Scroogled by Google” might as well be replaced with “Don’t get screwed by Google,” as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Of course, Microsoft is kind enough to offer us alternatives to all of the incriminated products: Bing instead of Google Search, instead of Gmail and so on. They’re probably also suggesting that Windows Phone is better than Android. If this is the case, I encourage Microsoft to take a look at their mobile market share. Google’s take on this is priceless, though. The company emphasizes that it will soon launch its smart glasses worldwide, while Microsoft’s only wearable devices are t-shirts and other such pieces of clothing.

Another clear sign that Google has become evil is Eric Schmidt’s recent guide of how to make the transition from iOS to Android. What I mean is that if the iSheep are happy with their mediocre devices, then they should be left alone. There’s no hope for them, either way!

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