12 Mind-Blowing Unique Guitar Designs

The electric guitar not only changed 20th century music, but can also look really cool, as an exhibition by art students suggests.

This collection of guitars will be shown at the IDEOPOLIS SVA Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition in May, 2011. You probably wouldn’t want to actually play any of these guitars, but they sure look cool.

Cafeteria Tray Guitar

Lunch tray guitar

Musicians often get hungry on the road, so this cafeteria tray guitar is great for any starving guitarist.

Butterfly Guitar

Butterfly Guitar

This butterfly-shaped guitar opens up to reveal the phrase “I am because we are.”

Axe Guitar

Axe guitar

This guitar is an actual axe! Musicians often have to have day jobs while they try to make it in the rock business, and if yours is as a lumberjack, this guitar is perfect for you.

Skeleton Guitar

Skeleton Guitar

The exhibits can also veer into spookier territory, such as this skeleton guitar. I wonder if he died at the age of 27.

Torture Guitar

Torture guitar

If your friends immediately cover their ears when you take your guitar out of its case, then you’ll love this torture rack guitar.

Chalkboard Guitar

Chalkboard Guitar

This chalkboard guitar is perfect for those who have to teach between gigs.

Shovel Guitar

Shovel Guitar

If your day job is in construction, this guitar shaped like a shovel will allow you to mulitask. You can dig ditches and rock out at the same time.

Invisible Children Guitar

This guitar opens up to draw attention to the problem of invisible children (the use of children as soldiers).

Oil Spill Guitar

This oil-soaked guitar illustrates the problem of oil spills and their effect on our environment.

Grenade Guitar

Grenade guitar

Whoever designed this one has a morbid sense of humor. It’s a guitar covered in grenades and flowers. If one of them is real, I certainly hope it’s the flowers!

Cool Shadow Guitar

Cool Shadow Guitar

This guitar may not look like much beyond its minimalistic design, but it casts a neat shadow.

Spider Guitar

Spider guitar

Finally, another creepy one of a spider in the grass.

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Via: Format Magazine