23 Amazing Guitar Mods

There are so many different Guitars available that range from various brands, models, colors and shapes, but it seems that this enormous selection is just not enough for certain Geeks, so they go out and mod some new creation.

Here we gathered 23 Geeky Guitar Mods that include Steampunk, Video Games, Digital and other modifications to make the guitar completely different than what we would normally expect. Have a look and see if any of these make you personally want to pick up the guitar and start striking some Geeky chords.

Steampunk Guitar Mods

steampunk guitar mod design 1

The “Copper Flower” Guitar is an amazing Steampunk Guitar that looks too good. Besides being a truly functional guitar with all the strings attached, it has added copper pipes and a style that makes it look amazing but will not disrupt your regular jam sessions.

steampunk guitar mod design 2

This additional Steampunk Guitar Art also delivers a beautiful result and includes a mini TV with lens magnifier, an onboard phaser, clockwork gears, hand hammered brass, cloth wire and wood for its presentation. At least it will attract the attention of the audience that will look at the guitar as it is being played.

steampunk guitar mod design 3

Unlike the previous two, this specific guitar is more of a Steampunk Guitar redesign for it uses a regular Fender strat as its base and by only changing the pick guard, it changes the entire look. Still, that guard went through a lot of work to look the way it does, and you cannot deny that it doesn’t completely change the overall look of the guitar.

steampunk guitar mod design 4

The Nautilus And Villanizer Steampunk Guitars are two additional Steampunk mods that provide a new look altogether. Besides just adding some copper pipes and color, they in turn added brand new elements in the modding process, making the new look desirable and mysterious.

steampunk guitar mod design 5

Millennium Falcon Guitar

millennium falcon guitar mod design 1

Star Wars geeks who also play a guitar would simply salivate over the Millennium Falcon Guitar, for it combines two worlds with an outstanding result.

millennium falcon guitar mod design 2

Video Game Guitar Mods

Unlike Guitar Hero controllers, the following are cool guitars inspired by Gaming.

Pacman Guitars

pacman guitar mod design 1

Here is a cool Pacman Guitar design and also a Pacman Bass which were altered a lot (and a little) to bring one of the most popular characters to the music scene.

pacman bass guitar mod design 2

Bullet Bill Guitar

bullet bill bass guitar mod design

The Bullet Bill Bass Guitar is a great mod that looks like it could be a real issue from Nintendo.

Koopa Troopa Guitar

koopa troopa guitar mod design

Any Super Mario Bros fan would appreciate the Koopa Troopa Guitar Mod, giving a little additional respect to the popular enemy.

NES Guitar

nes guitar mod design

The NES Guitar Mod is another way to use the old classic NES in a way that may be a little more fulfilling. The second version also used the NES Controller.

nes guitar mod design 2

Miscellaneous Guitar Mods

The following are some odd Guitar mods that are really creative and will also rock the house.

8 Bit Arcade

8 bit arcade guitar mod design

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat fans are already familiar with the Arcade button combinations, but this 8 Bit Arcade Guitar does so for music. With each button signifying a different string, there are additional buttons and knobs in order to pull off music combos.

The iPad Guitar Mod

ipad guitar mod design

This cool iPad Guitar Mod doesn’t just install an application that recreates the sound, but it is installed in an entire frame, so Geeks could be like real rockers.

Digital Guitar

digital guitar mod design


If I told you there is a digital guitar Mod that uses a screen and no actual strings, you probably wouldn’t believe me. The thing is, the Misa Digital guitar does exactly that and proves so in the video.

Lego Les Paul

lego les paul guitar mod design

Besides being a functional guitar, the Lego Les Paul Guitar has the frame made from Lego bricks. I would think that one of the greatest advantages could be that you would easily change or alter the color by opening up your old bucket of Legos and begin Lego construction.

LCD Screen Guitar

lcd guitar mod design

The LCD Guitar still has its six strings to play and rock but also includes a large LCD Screen for some cool visualization while you play.

C64 8-Bit Keytar Mod

commodore 64 keyboard guitar mod design

The Commodoe 64 Keyboard Guitar is only for hardcore geeks who understand how to operate it. It doesn’t have any strings and looks like a musical instrument from the 80’s, but in the end, it is a mod with so many sounds that it is like a band in itself.

Vespa Guitar


The Vespa Guitar is hand crafted using the Leg-Shield of the old ItalianVespa Scooters. The result is amazing and brings the old brand to life.

Guitar with a Heart

guitar wooden heart mod design

As musicians would recommend to play from the heart, this is an actual Guitar with a Built-in Heart. By replacing its wooden heart, the sound would change without the need of special effects.
Just make sure not to break its heart.

Guitar Boat

guitar boat mod design

It may not be playable, but this cool Guitar Boat is something awesome. It was created for a music video for Josh Pyke and while it may not play music, it is functional as a boat.

Cigar Box Guitar

cigar box guitar mod design

This Cigar Box Guitar isn’t anything new, but it seems to have picked up popularity lately. It grants a visually cool method of creating a guitar body on your own.

Cthulhu Mythos ukulele

cthulu mythos ukulele mod design

The Cthulhu Mythos ukulele looks too good to be true. It was created by Neil Gaiman and looks completely fitting next to the Necronomicon.