Hacked NES Hastens Your Interactions In The Office

This is a hack for anti-socials (aka, us): An NES that has been hacked to help you get rid of people. Funny, it’s thanks to the NES that I had friends growing up, anyways!


This fantastic creation came from the minds of Mark Rober and Chad Grant. They hacked an old NES console (dubbing it the “Annoying Person Remover“ in the process) which plays classic sound effects from the classic Super Mario Bros and a few other games when someone enters your office. First comes Mario’s pipe sound as they enter, and the level music afterwards while they hang out. Still, if they hang out for too long, they’ll get the hurry up tune (the faster version of the level theme), and the game over tune once they’ve been at the office for over 400 seconds. Way to get the message accross, dudes!

Building one of these for yourself isn’t actually that hard. You just need an old NES, an Arduino board with Music and Sound add-on, and a motion sensor to detect when someone enters the room. You can get all of the schematics checking Dropbox. Happy science time!

Source: Technabob

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