Hand Crafted Wooden LEGO Man

As a LEGO model in my younger days (you know those kids on the side of boxes? I was one of them), I perfectly understand why these tiny figures with a little circle on their head make us so excited.

Hand Crafted Wooden LEGO Man

And when it’s a special edition or custom made LEGO man? It’s hard to resist the temptation to find out more about it, let alone buy it. A wooden LEGO man sculpture? That’s a hard thing to resist.

Hand Crafted Wooden LEGO Man 2

Made by MoreCowsThanPeople, the wooden LEGO man is hand crafted made from solid cherry. It stands 12 inches tall, with arms and legs that are entirely movable. It’s finished with a hand rubbed citris/carnuba/beeswax blend to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

So, why get it, for yourself or for someone as a gift? If you’re a LEGO fan, there’s little to explain here. If you love beautiful wooden creations, there’s little to explain as well. And if you know a LEGO fanatic, you can either get it for them, which would make you the best person on earth from their POV, or simply tell them about it. They’ll be thankful for introducing it to them.

Getting this LEGO man isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, but beautiful things that are hand made and take a long time to make tend to be a tad expensive and totally worth it. You can buy it on Etsy.

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