Life-Size LEGO Hulk Buster

Legos can build anything you want and The Toy Store Oxford Street presents something marvellous. Straight from the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie we present this life size LEGO creation of the Hulkbuster Iron Man Armor, part of the LEGO Marvel line.

Life-Size LEGO Hulk Buster 2image credit

You can count on Tokyo to provide some of the most awesome, creative things in the world. The combination of great LEGO skills with some geek love is something that should always be appreciated. Amazing, huge Lego creations are always pretty sweet to see, and there’s no doubt that there are some really gifted people on this earth creating some really unbelievably LEGO sculptures, and in this case a LEGO Marvel demonstration of how big Iron Man can look inside his Hulkbuster armor.

Life-Size LEGO Hulk Buster 1

image credit

You don’t need to be a huge LEGO fanatic to appreciate this amazing LEGO art. The Hulk Buster Iron Man armor stands at 8-foot-tall and weighs over 2,000 pounds. This extraordinary piece of LEGO art was made out of one million individual LEGO bricks and took over 940 hours to create.

Good thing there’s no Hulk LEGO creation next to it, because the green version of Bruce Banner (or maybe the Red Hulk, or Grey Hulk would do better) would probably smash this Iron Man Hulkbuster into a million little pieces. I think picking them up would take over 940 hours.

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