The Hawkeye Initiative Fighting Comics Misogyny

Tired of seeing women in mainstream comic books being portrayed as sex objects, with unhealthy like proportions in most cases and skimpy outfits to complete the picture? I’m not, but a lot of people, especially web artists, decided to start the Hawkeye initiative and put and end to all this nonsense.

How? By replacing characters drawn in such ways with Hawkeye, doing the similar pose. Here are some of their best, or at least funniest, suggestions.

Original: Black Cat

Treatment: Hawkeye doing his sexy pose

While it is disturbing, the point comes across rather well. Here are some more of Hawkeye being quite raunchy, as a protest to the misogyny of most male comic book artists, although this demonstration of Hawkeye power isn’t limited to comic book Heroines anymore.

Original: Catwoman

Treatment: Girly Hawkeye

Original: Babes fighting.

Treatment: Butt naked Hawkeye and Captain America

More Black Cat turned into Hawkeye, with a Frowning Nick Fury

As they say in the Hawkeye Initiative: How to fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics: replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing. Their doing a good job, at making people laugh and creeping others the f&^% out.

For more of this hilarious trend, got to