The SuperTooth Disco 2 – Sleek & Chic Wireless Stereo Speakers

We all love to hear music, whether it is to set the mood, to feel better, just to pass time, or at work. Finding a good set of Bluetooth stereo speakers is hard since nowadays you have such a wide selection, so it’s easy to fall on an average set which will not lest or even do a good job.

I’ve seen my share of Bluetooth speakers and I must admit that so far the SuperTooth Disco 2 tops them all! It is one of the best gadgets I had the pleasure to test out, it doesn’t only have a great sleek and chic look it also works amazing! If you are looking for a fantastic Bluetooth speaker for one of your smart device this SuperTooth Disco 2 is a great choice!

This truly super speakers are rocking some great features such as 16 watts RMS audio power, with 2 speakers in front and a bass reflex system on the back, a strong battery that will let you play between  3-10 hours depending on volume level per 2 hour charge and many more, It retails for $99 and can be a great gift for Christmas.

With the Disco 2 you can stream music wirelessly from any cell phone tablet, computer or mp3 player supporting Bluetooth.

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