Hdmyboy brings Game Boy classics to our TV screens

The Game Boy revolutionized the world by bringing forth the idea of portable gaming, but if you would rather remember it looking sharp and beautiful, here is a little something for you.


The Game Boy can be emulated on phones, computers, tablets, other video game consoles and pretty much anything that can run a line of code. This, though, doesn’t help the users who would rather run the official game carts on the original hardware, with proper sound and speed and guarantee of minimal glitching. Those are the users that the Hdmyboy project targets.

The Hdmyboy is a non-intrusive modification of the Game Boy that adds an HDMI output to the console so users can stream their beloved classics to the TV screen. As it is running on official hardware, every game is compatible, so get ready to revisit Link’s Awakening, Pokemon Red & Blue, Castlevania Adventure or Super Mario Land. The Hdmyboy has controller support, with the team recommending the classic NES controller, the Game Boy’s home console equivalent at the time.

While this doesn’t come cheap, and will set you back between $143 to $156 USD, it’s the only way we know of to be able to enjoy Game Boy titles on the TV screen running on the original, licensed Nintendo hardware (so no, the Super Game Boy doesn’t count, that’s SNES hardware). If the retro appeal is too great to pass on, this might be the gadget for you. If not, we’ll always have emulators.

Via Engadget

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