Sensor-Packed Hexoskin Shirt Acts as a Fitness Tracker

Wearable tech seems to take very different forms nowadays, as there are even smart socks besides smartwatches and ring timepieces. The Hexoskin shirt is definitely such an exception from the ones we’re used with.

The Hexoskin shirt is a complete fitness tracker, as it monitors movement, respiration and even heart activity. Current fitness apps that we can download and install on our smartphones (I’m thinking about the likes of Endomondo, Runtastic and Run Keeper here) can only track movement with the help of the sensors incorporated into our devices and covered distance with the help of the GPS sensor. At most, they can also monitor our hearts while working out, but for that we need to buy and attach to the smartphones various types of heart sensors. Hexoskin keeps things simple by including all the necessary sensors into something that we would wear anyway when working out – a shirt.

In order to function properly, the shirt needs to be connected to a device that is very convenient to carry around, as it’s both small and lightweight. The Hexoskin shirt features a small pocket near the waist where the device fits just fine, making it great for contact sports, as well.

After connecting the shirt to the device, your body metrics will start being displayed on your smartphone, provided that you have installed the companion app. Besides measuring ECG signal with RR intervals very accurately, Hexoskin can also monitor the volume of air inspired and expired while working out. According to the manufacturer, Hexoskin represents the second best thing breathing volume measurement after wearing a mask. I doubt anyone would enjoy wearing a mask or wired heart sensors while hitting the gym, so I’ll let you draw the conclusions.

Unfortunately, the Hexoskin shirt seems to be compatible only with iOS devices at the moment, and even the app available in the iTunes store is beta now. Hopefully the developers of this unique activity tracker will expand the compatibility of the product, so that Android users can start wearing Hexoskin shirts, too.

Currently featured on Indiegogo, the “first wearable movement, respiration, and heart activity tracker” is very close to getting funded, even though the campaign has started less than 10 days ago. For $39, backers can get a $100 discount on a future purchase, while $339 can get them a Hexoskin shirt and a device. Additional technical specs are available on the Hexoskin website, so feel free to visit it if I made you even a bit curious.

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