Nike+ FuelBand Converts Burnt Calories to NikeFuel

Nike came up with yet another gadget that gets connected to your iPhone and helps you establish, as well as achieve goals in terms of daily activities.

Nike+ FuelBand looks like a bracelet, but it certainly has more than an aesthetic role. It features a 3 axis sport-tested accelerometer that tracks each and every movement of yours. In other words, it simply means that it is not only intended for people who are into sports, but also for dancers, dog-walkers  and people who move a lot, in general.

After pairing the FuelBand with your iPhone, you need to set the Daily Goal. Right after setting it, a circle that symbolizes the goal appears in the center of the display, along with a number that stands for the NikeFuel that has been accumulated. You also have the option to see how many goals you have achieved in a streak, and a wee funny character will be kind enough to show you that. At the beginning of the day, when you have just set your goal, the ring is empty, but as you accumulate fuel, it goes from red to yellow and finally green, when the goal is achieved. It should be noted that when the daily goal is exceeded by, say 150%, the indicator turns into a ring of fire.

Depending on the size, the FuelBand measures between 5.79 and 7.76 inches in diameter and weighs between 27 and 32 grams. A sizing guide is available on the Nike+ FuelBand website, for the ones that are not sure of their measure.

The gadget connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, but it also sports a built-in USB that allows you to connect this fancy bracelet to your computer. A USB cable and a stand are provided in the package. Radio connections can be disabled while on the plane by accessing the AirPlane Mode. FuelBand includes 2 Li-Pol rechargeable batteries that will keep the device running for up to 4 days.

FuelBand will be launched on February 22 and will cost $149. However, Nike takes preorders for this device, so if you really want it, go to the Nike+ FuelBand website.

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