Honda Chopper Takes Inspiration from Star Wars and Big Trak

Motorcycle concepts that are inspired by Star Wars are many, but a chopper concept that is not just inspired by the Star Wars, but also Big Trak and many other 70’s and 80’s marker drawings are few.

Peter Norris has announced an amazing concept called the Honda Chopper which comes with clean cuts and a sleek body.

There are also signs of the designer using concepts from the manga culture. While it is a mix of almost everything geeky, it also seems to be a powerful bike that would quieten even the most hardened motorcycle gang. The chopper comes with a long front suspension and a feet forward seating position which would help the rider to feel the thrust while riding. The large footprint is another advantage which would make riding it on highways a pleasure.

Two electric motors would power the chopper and these motors are built into each of the two wheels. This step would also allow for improved fuel efficiency, gravity and lower emissions. The Honda Chopper is an attractive chopper that would make you remember not just the Star Wars, but also all the geeky stuff that laid the basis for today’s video game and geek culture.

I must say the Big Trak theme is predominant in the Honda Chopper and perhaps the idea was to bring the programmable electric vehicle to life in the form of a concept. Talking about Big Traks, they were designed by Milton Bradley in 1979 and they were six-wheeled tanks that also had a keypad on the top. While I don’t see the keypad on the Honda Chopper, I certainly do see that the designer has heavily borrowed from its designs.

Of course, the Star Wars theme is predominant and doesn’t even need to be explained. If only this sleek bike is ever manufactured, it would please a number of geeks who are also bikers. While this bike is still a concept, you could take a look at some helmets that might be of interest to you in case it is ever manufactured. The Boba Fett Bike Helmet is one helluva Star Wars inspired gadget. The Boba Fett Lego Helmet looks pretty chic too.